Submit A Price Change


  1. Click on Orders

2. Select the PO to Change

3. Click Request Changes

4. Optional – Enter internal Order number.

5. Update the Price and type in the reason.

7. Optional – Enter any additional changes (other than price, quantity or delivery).

8. Click Submit.

9. Receive Confirmation.

10. When the change submitted is accepted or rejected, you will receive notification via your email on the response. The same notice will show up in the notifications on the home page. Double click on link to view your response in the bottom page.

11. Another tool to find if your change has been accepted is to review the Status Column on the Orders tab. Once the Change has been accepted or rejected, the status changes from “Supplier Change Pending” to “Open”.


iSupplier (Internet Supplier Portal) is fully integrated with TPC's Procurement software, allowing suppliers access to all Procurement related data.