Communicating with our Community

TPC Group is proud to be an active participant in our local communities. We are dedicated to being transparent in our actions and communications by keeping our neighbors informed of day-to-day operations, specific events and need-to-know information.

We do this through membership in our local Community Advisory Panels (CAP). Our CAPs allow for open dialogue between nearby neighbors, local business owners and community leaders. We view our CAPs as an important opportunity for us to share information, engage with our community and do our part to keep our neighbors informed of how we operate and conduct our business. Topics regularly discussed during CAP meetings include process safety, environmental issues and site and community activities.

Additional efforts to keeping our neighbors informed of day-to-day operations, specific events and need-to-know information in the event of an incident at the facility, the Company will use the following tools for communications:

Houston. CAER Online (Community Awareness & Emergency Response). By downloading CAER Online available in the Apple and Google Play stores, nearby neighbors and industrial facilities can view posted messages and alerts from EHCMA member facilities regarding operational updates. Messages offer basic information such as what the incident or event is, where it happened, and whether any action is required by community members. For more information visit

Port Neches. STAN Line (Southeast Texas Alert Network) 24-hour Information Line. STAN was developed by the Local Emergency Planning Committees of Jefferson, Orange and Hardin Counties, in partnership with the Industry of Southeast Texas, the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission and local media. STAN is a messaging and notification system that gives industrial companies and emergency management officials the ability to inform the community quickly with information about emergencies, plant operations or weather events occurring in Southeast Texas. For more information visit

Social Media

Community Mailings

Community Advisory Panels

Participation in Local Interest Groups

From time-to-time, TPC Group provides operations and business updates to those who subscribe to our email network. If you are interested in receiving updates, please send an email with your first name, last name, mailing address and email address to