Our Vision, Mission & Culture Elements

At TPC Group, it is only by working together that we can achieve One Plan, One Culture and One Vision. Every employee has a part to play. Through commitment, collaboration, engagement, ownership & accountability and trust, we are a team that delivers results. Our employees are guided and grounded in the elements of our culture that drive our success.

All for one


To be an undisputed leader in C4 petrochemicals and a recognized leader in the petrochemicals industry.


To provide superior processing services to our suppliers and superior products to our customers, enabling significant value creation and attractive returns to our shareholders.

One TPC is about our employees Delivering Results by living and demonstrating the elements of our culture that elevate TPC Group as a leader in petrochemicals.

Culture Elements


  • Environment, personal and process safety and health
  • Our customers, suppliers and community
  • Continuous improvement
  • Sustainability


  • Open and transparent
  • Respect
  • Constructive feedback

Ownership & Accountability

  • We "own" our individual and collective responsibilities
  • We always follow procedures
  • We sustain until a job is completely finished


  • Internal teamwork
  • External partnering


  • All employees are engaged and making a positive difference
  • Responsive and proactive