Butadiene Overview

TPC Group secures its crude C4 (CC4) feedstock from ethylene crackers around the world. We operate two world-scale C4 processing plants where we aggregate our supplies of CC4 feeds. We have multiple units with safe, reliable, environmentally sound operations to extract and produce butadiene at both our Houston and Port Neches, Texas facilities. We produce approximately 35 percent of the butadiene in North America.

At TPC Group, we have an extensive logistics network that ensures efficient receipt of raw materials and delivery of our products regardless of shipment mode. Crude C4 raw materials and products are delivered by pipeline, ship, barge and rail. TPC Group has substantial storage facilities, more than 200 miles of pipeline, and world-class dock and rail facilities. TPC has a unique supply chain infrastructure. We have access to multiple ship docks that can accommodate both barges and ocean-going vessels.

Butadiene is a valuable component used in a wide range of market applications which include synthetic rubber for tires and hoses, nylon for carpeting, clothing, and airbags, latex for paper coatings and carpet backing, ABS resins for plastic components and styrene block copolymers (SBC) elastomers for roofing, asphalt modification, footwear and more.


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