Our People

We are committed to growing our people.

TPC Group’s performance-based culture enables employees to achieve their ultimate potential and help the Company to achieve superior performance. TouchPoints, our performance management program, provides multiple opportunities during the year for employees to receive forward-looking feedback. Our Company’s employee development planning process occurs twice annually through robust dialogue between managers and employees. The focus of these conversations is on the employee’s short- and long-term career aspirations. Through this shared, collaborative process, employees have the opportunity to discuss their unique development needs in relation to their career goals and determine the best means by which to achieve those objectives.

The Company supports on-going learning through Catalyst, TPC’s Learning Management System. It encompasses a multitude of resources that spark continuous development through e-Learning, reading, webinars and formal training.

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“At TPC Group development is defined as growth in someone’s knowledge, skills and personal effectiveness by providing learning facilities and avenues where these new ideas can be applied to increase someone’s capabilities in current and future roles.”

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