Isobutylene Derivatives

Isobutylene Derivatives Overview

The TPC Group isobutylene derivatives business is proud of its reliability, flexibility, and customer focus that is key to our customers' success. We are a merchant supplier of both di-isobutylene (DIB) and high purity isobutylene (HPIB) that are used, amongst many end uses, in the production of plastic additives, adhesive resins, and personal care products. TPC Group is the largest producer of DIB in North America and is also one of the largest producers of HPIB in North America as well. These products are made at our Houston, Texas site with safe, reliable, environmentally sound operations. We have railcar and truck services from our Houston plant. In addition, DIB is available by ISO containers, barge or ship for export from our plant or via truck from an offsite terminal.

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