Work with us at TPC

At TPC Group, our employees are challenged to thrive, encouraged to grow and empowered to prosper. We call it having Limitless Possibilities.

Why choose TPC?

As important as the products we make, it is our people who make it happen. Individual contributions can have a recognized and lasting impact and employee innovation is limited only by one’s ability to see a future of possibilities. Employee ideas are heard, the status quo is challenged, and we are all accountable for delivering results.

What sets us apart from the rest?

We are guided by the elements of our culture – commitment, trust, collaboration, engagement and deliver results that drive decisions and elevate TPC Group as a leader in petrochemicals. Our employees have the unique opportunity to make a difference every day in the role they play in producing products our customers depend on. We work together within an organization that values commitment to environment, personal and process safety; to our customers, suppliers and community.

What does it mean to have Limitless Possibilities at TPC Group?

Our most successful employees understand that their impact is not bound by a job description or title. We are a lean organization, and as such, there are many ways for our employees to take advantage of on-the-job opportunities to enhance their development. Whether it is participation on a cross-functional team, taking advantage of interim roles and assignments or special projects, employees can learn new skills that can open new possibilities for the future.

Employees collaborate to meet shared objectives, engage to make a positive difference, show mutual respect and deliver results – that is what sets us apart.

“At TPC Group development is defined as growth in someone’s knowledge, skills and personal effectiveness by providing learning facilities and avenues where these new ideas can be applied to increase someone’s capabilities in current and future roles.”

Job Openings

Our employees are challenged to thrive, encouraged to grow and empowered to prosper. Become part of our team. Click below for our current job openings.