A global leader in providing a diverse range of quality products to chemical and petroleum-based companies worldwide.

About Our Company

TPC Group is a recognized global leader in producing value-added products derived from petrochemical raw materials such as C4 hydrocarbons, and a provider of critical infrastructure and logistics services along the Gulf Coast. We deliver a diverse range of quality products to chemical and petroleum-based companies worldwide. Our employees are committed to safely making these products in a manner that is protective of our environment and respectful of the communities where we have operations. Integrity is stamped into everything we do – from the quality of chemicals we produce to the dependable services we provide.

With an operating history of 75 years, we are the largest independent processor of crude C4 and a leader in North America across all our major product lines.

“TPC Group has provided many opportunities for me to grow both technically and personally through a variety of work assignments. Having previously worked at TPC, I left thinking a larger company would have more opportunities for growth and development. There was no job satisfaction working for a large company culture of “siloed” work responsibilities. There was no longer job satisfaction in what I was doing, and I could not see the impact my work was having on the success of the company. The TPC teamwork and collaborative culture are great. I know I have an impact on the Company’s success. Glad to be back!”

- Tim Freise, Principal Engineer

“The opportunity to work cross-functionally is immeasurably valuable to career growth. At TPC Group, leadership encourages collaboration across the organization by facilitating opportunities for employees to work together to find creative solutions to deliver results. Employees are encouraged to break down barriers through challenging the status quo, working in teams and exploring short-term assignments outside their normal work scope.”

- Haley Doughty, Communications Advisor

Quality Products. Dependable Services.

A leader in providing petrochemical products to the chemical, plastics, refining, synthetic rubber and other major industries.

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