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TPC Group is the largest North American polyisobutylene (PIB) supplier and one of the largest in the world. Using our proprietary, patented technology, we manufacture PIB at our Houston plant and have recently doubled the operating capacity with a recent expansion.

TPC Group offers the broadest portfolio of PIB products to the market and is a major supplier to the lubricant and fuel additive markets, as well as multiple other applications such as caulks, sealants, adhesives, packaging, greases and emulsifiers. We produce viscosities and molecular weights in both conventional and highly reactive PIB (HR-PIB). HR-PIB is especially valued in the fuel and lubricant additive market as it delivers improved end product performance to the consumer and better manufacturing economics for the additive supplier.

Typical Properties

Highly Reactive Grades
HR-PIB is a polyisobutylene that has greater than 80 percent of its double bonds located in the terminal position in the molecule, allowing it to react more quickly when producing derivatives, especially detergents and dispersants. Processing with HR-PIB also produces less char during manufacture and the derivative products are used to improve final lubricant and fuel performance. TPC Group has proprietary technology that allows production of a complete range of HR-PIB products. These grades are typically sold in railcar quantities, but isocontainers and trucks are also available.

Molecular Weight (Mn)1,0002,300
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C1901,600

Enhanced Grades
TPC Groups of Enhanced PIB grades are replacements for conventional PIB in applications where viscosity and tackiness are desired key qualities. Our proprietary process produces clear, consistent, and water-white products that are used in adhesives, caulks, sealants, personal care products and packaging. The wide range of available molecular weights allow our customers flexibility in precisely tailoring to their formulation requirements. In addition all our products are backed by an industry leading logistics system to ensure fast, reliable delivery. Enhanced PIB grades are sold in trucks, isocontainers and railcars.

Molecular Weight (Mn)1,0501,5503,0003,350
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C2206403,2004,200



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