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High Priority Products

Identification of High Priority Products

TPC has implemented a risk based process to prioritize our products using the ACC Prioritization Tool.  This is a screening level assessment using qualitative and quantitative evaluations of relevant hazard information as well as information on potential exposure associated with the manufacture and downstream use.  This prioritization will be used to identify products that require further evaluation or additional data gathering with respect to their hazards, uses and exposures. It will also be used in the systematic development of product information for downstream users.

The process will be triggered in the event of new relevant information about a product. Factors that considered in this risk based process include:

• Chemicals with testing and or risk evaluation work already completed or underway in response to current or impending regulatory scrutiny. (OSHA-GHS, REACH, Canadian DSL)

• Categories of chemicals of particular concern under national or regional regulatory programs such as those listed as known carcinogens, mutagens, or substances that are toxic to reproduction.

• Other relevant factors that may be considered include but are not limited to the following:

    • Whether the chemical could be classified as Persistent, Bio accumulative and Toxic.
    • Whether and to what extent the chemical has potential for significant human exposure, especially when children and other sensitive subpopulations could be impacted.
    • Whether and to what extent the chemical has potential for significant environmental exposure when these chemicals are not regulated under a specific regime.
    • Whether the chemical presents a significant acute hazard because it is highly flammable, corrosive, reactive, etc.
    • Whether the chemical has hazard ratings (e.g. NFPA) and/or exposure classifications (e.g. based on product use categories).