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TPC Group is dedicated to keeping our neighbors informed of day-to-day operations, specific events, and need-to-know information in the event of a facility incident. Our efforts include:

  • CAER Line (Community Awareness & Emergency Response) 24-hour Information Line
    281.476.CAER (2237) or 281.476.2273 or 1.866.545.9505
  • STAN Line (Southeast Texas Alert Network) 24-hour Information Line
    1.877.the.STAN (7826)
  • Community Mailings
  • Community Advisory Panels
  • Participation in Local Interest Groups

From time-to-time, TPC Group provides operations and business updates to those who subscribe to our email network. If you are interested in receiving updates, please send an email with your first name, last name, mailing address and email address to