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Our History

Our roots go back to 1943 when the U.S. Government, under the Rubber Reserve program, built a synthetic rubber industry. Through growth, expansion and numerous transformations over the years, TPC Group has become the global industry leader it is today.

1943 – Under the Rubber Reserve, the U.S. Government builds the original TPC Group plant.

1955 – FMC and Tenneco buy the original butadiene plant and operate it with butylenes as a feedstock.

1965 – The original butylene dehydrogenation unit is converted to a Texas Petrochemicals developed Oxo-D process, resulting in significant savings in raw material and energy.

1970 – A $45 MM neoprene plant is installed with butadiene and chlorine as raw materials.

1977 – Tenneco buys out FMC, and Texas Petro-Tex becomes a wholly-owned Tenneco subsidiary. Petro-Tex becomes number one in butene-1 and MTBE, as well as diisobutylene and isobutylene.

1984 – Texas Petrochemicals purchases the Houston butadiene and specialty chemical manufacturing facilities owned by Petro-Tex Chemical Company, a subsidiary of Tenneco, Inc.

1996 – After many successful years of growth and safe operations, the Company’s employees, management and a group of investors acquire the company.

2000 – Introduction of Polyisobutylene (PIB) Business Line to Texas Petrochemicals' portfolio of products.

2004 – Under new ownership, Texas Petrochemicals moves forward to diversify its product line to become the world’s best-known processor and supplier for high-quality C4 chemical products and derivatives.

2006 – Texas Petrochemicals continues its growth with the first acquisition in its history, the purchase of its Port Neches C4 olefins operation, in June 2006. The acquisition nearly doubles its employee base and butadiene production capacity.

2007 – Texas Petrochemicals expands its operations with a world-scale propylene derivatives plant in Baytown, Texas that produces nonene and propylene tetramer.

2010 – Reflecting the continued growth and global presence, the Company changes its name to TPC Group.