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In addition to our Corporate Headquarters in Houston, Texas, TPC Group operates manufacturing facilities in the industrial corridor adjacent to the Houston Ship Channel and Port Neches, Texas, as well as a terminal in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

We produce butadiene, butene-1 raffinate, isobutylene, diisobutylene and polyisobutylene at our 256-acre site near the Houston Ship Channel. Combined production for this facility is in excess of 1.5 billion pounds per year.

Port Neches:
We can produce at this 218-acre operation up to 900 million pounds of butadiene per year, which is shipped primarily by pipeline, and also by barge, to many of the largest butadiene consumers in the U.S. This facility also supplies C4 raffinate via pipeline, barge and tank car.

Lake Charles:
This tank farm and dock facility sits on approximately five acres and has the capacity to offload 1,3 butadiene from barges.  Product is stored on site and pumped via pipeline to customers as needed.