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TPC Group promotes fair and ethical treatment in our dealings with customers, suppliers and believes that a shared commitment to conducting business in a manner consistent with high ethical standards will continue to enhance our business relationships and value for our shareholders.

Doing Business with TPC Group
TPC Group makes chemicals that ultimately go into making the world's tires, carpets, gasoline additives and many other essential items. Our high-purity products are the chemical building blocks for synthetic rubber, nylon, adhesives, catalysts and additives that go into high-performance polymers. TPC Group has the largest butadiene and butene-1 extraction capacity in North America. We are also one of North America's largest producers of isobutylene and its derivatives, such as polyisobutylene (PIB), diisobutylene, high purity isobutylene and isobutylene concentrate.

TPC Group is a strong, dependable, growing company. We operate manufacturing facilities in the industrial corridor adjacent to the Houston Ship Channel and in Port Neches, Texas, as well as a terminal in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Beyond this substantial capacity, TPC Group operations include a world-scale propylene derivatives plant that produces nonene and propylene tetramer as well as polymer gasoline and propane.

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